How to Get a Flat Stomach – Tips For Getting a Flat Stomach Fast

By Jill Mathers

Dancers are often characterized by the elegant poise, sex appeal and the enviously flat abs they possess, provoking wonder among those surrounding them about what they really do to achieve such a sexy flat stomach. While fads, starvation and other means of achieving the perfect abs plague many, successfully grasping a flat stomach can be done by replicating some of the simple behaviours completed by cabaret, pole and table dancers.


Dancers naturally have fantastic posture, giving them a slim appearance that also helps the body pull in the core muscles around the stomach and back. In addition to creating the illusion of being slimmer and obtaining a sexy flat stomach, holding one’s body in a healthy, strong posture also strengthens muscles in the stomach and back and can create an increasingly toned core. Good posture automatically provokes muscles to engage and tighten.

Cabaret, table and pole dancers often share one great commonality in the types of muscles used when they perform, highlighting some of the same moves that can be done at home by flat abs hopefuls. Engaging the core and lower body muscles creates a more toned body without the neck aches from constant crunches.

Hold Your Head Up High

One of the sexiest characteristics of dancers is the confidence they have in their bodies. Twisting, turning and moving while gaining the sex appeal accompanying eye contact highlights the confidence they have in the ability of their bodies. Feeling confident in one’s body and the movements performed can create more deliberate motions and strengthen the muscles used to perform each sexy movement. The flashy and confident movements of cabaret dancers reinforce the necessity of feeling confident and appealing while performing dance exercises that tone the midsection and create a sexy flat stomach.

Dancing Exercises To Get A Flat Stomach

Dancing that stimulates abdominal toning is often slow and deliberate, putting tension on the stomach and core areas while combining with movement of limbs and other parts of the body. Letting the abdominal take control of the specific movements instead of relying on arms and legs to create momentum will put an increased amount of stress on the stomach muscles, resulting in a more toned appearance.

Lying on the back and moving the legs in a motion similar to scissors opening and closing, engaging the abs while moving the legs forces the midsection to flex and stabilize while the legs move fluidly.

Pole dancing also offers those seeking flat abs, exercises that are sure to tone and engage the stomach area, resulting in a flat sexy stomach while using the abs to twist, turn and twirl seductively and confidently around a stationary pole. Keeping abs tight and pressed toward the spine while completing movements, whether holding the pole and twisting around or moving the hips.

Why Dancing Produces A Flat Stomach

While cabaret, pole and table dancing engages the core muscles that are necessary for a flat, sexy stomach, it also encompasses exercises that are fun, creating confidence that produces a desire to continue dancing despite achieving results.

The most important aspect of exercise for a flat stomach is whether the activity will continue to become a fun and exciting routine. If so you will have that sexy flat stomach you’ve always wanted in no time.

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