A Flat Stomach In Two Weeks?

By Adrian Frederick 

If you have chosen to read this article to find out how you can get a flat stomach in two weeks then I must apologize to you. Unfortunately it is not scientifically possible for you to stumble upon a miracle formula that will enable you to show off a flat stomach in just two weeks.

Honestly, how long did it take for you to get a larger stomach than what you are comfortable with? For me it took a number of years of me neglecting healthy foods and failure to care about the size of my stomach until it was too late. Sure, if there was a way in which I could lose the excess layers fat on my stomach in two weeks then believe me I would have done it. And if there was such a product out there that could guarantee you a flat stomach in such a short space of time then that would be the best selling product on the planet!

When you see marketing campaigns offering you an opportunity to sport a flat, toned middle in just two weeks it is just to get your attention. The honest approach is to offer you the opportunity to see physical changes in your stomach area or a reduction in your weight in two weeks by strictly following their abs program and not flat stomach in two weeks.

Anyone can have 6 packs abs but it takes a lot of work. What most people fail at is the adoption of the lifestyle change needed. I know, a lifestyle change can seem pretty daunting from the offset, but it is not as scary as you may think. Look at what it took for you to have the tummy fat in the first place. Eating what ever you like, when ever you like, constantly eating snacks high in salt or sugar between meals, drinking fizzy sodas daily, doing little or no exercise, consuming meals high in fat, salt and sugars and regularly visiting fast food restaurants (junk food).

The most contributing factor for anyone regardless of your age, whether you are 13 or 60, is eating above the recommended daily calories for a person of your age, sex and height. For example if your daily recommended calorie intake is 1650 calories per day and when you calculate everything you’ve actually eaten from the time you wake until the time you sleep you may find you have eaten 2000 calories. Do this on a daily bases, eating more than your body needs, will mean you have excess calories. What happens to this excess? It is stored in your body as fat. To get a flat stomach you need to lose the excess stored fat.

Losing stomach fat is not just about doing abdominal exercises alone. It’s about changing what you eat and exercising to burn your excess body fat. Burn your body fat and you’ll be burning your stomach fat.

Find and stick to a successful abs program, following the guided advice and you’ll get a flat stomach. Try not to think about how long it is going to take you to get a flat stomach, but rather think along the lines of “I’m going to have a flat stomach no matter how long it takes”. Build up your knowledge and you’ll gain more confidence in your tummy flattening goal.

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